Let’s begin with where I am currently since I find myself on repetition which to be honest is getting to be kind of a pest at this point.  SO HERE WE GO:  I AM ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS,  I AM CANCER FREE, HEALTHY, AND HAPPY.  I know it can be kind of weird when you see someone who was in my position BUT please understand I am CLEARED and please do not feel bad for me (after all, pity parties are lame and just cause wrinkles!); feel happy for me that I am stronger mentally (physically is coming once I can work out post surgery!) than I was pre-Big C, that I am the best version of myself right now in this moment, and that I get to be blessed with understanding the true definition of life appreciation.  I ask that each of you everyday stop for just a second and think of a small moment that you are thankful for (mine yesterday was hearing my kids laughing together and saying I love you to each other!).

A lot has happened since the last blog post so I thought it would be best to bullet this out:

  • Fresh year, fresh start, NEW JOB. 2019 is my year and I decided it was the time new opportunity to find a role that fit my brand. I officially start the first week of March (still in media, ad tech!) and CANNOT WAIT. I am beyond pumped and so ready to get back into the groove and to be on that LIRR with a Starbucks in my hand and running around Manhattan like a lunatic.   Working on my first day outfit (project for this week!).
  • Hair Growth. I swear prior to this I was not a hairy person; in fact, it was always blond-ish and I was the last person to develop. I remember in junior high on kickline when all my friends were shaving their armpits and legs, and I was the one in the corner with ZERO hair. Holy MOLY, not only is the hair on my head coming in real quick for being almost 3 months out BUT places I never had to even think about are now top of mind. I had to wax my mustache the other week; this was foreign territory to me and I was not ignoring it prior, I really never had a hair there. I got a facial and the facialist put that giant spotlight on my face, and danced around the subject (she’s like I am sure your skin has changed and it looks fabulous BUTTTTTTTTT I am seeing some hair on your lip and chin…I said lady you will not hurt my feelings, can you help me out….this is new territory for Gabby…she ran to get the wax!). I got peach fuzz all over my face and am seriously thinking about calling Barnum Bailey to see how much they charge for the Bearded Lady.
  • My new girls: LOOK DAMNNNNN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Showed lots of my girlfriends (and of course Wass!) and got 1.5 weeks until I am out of this compression bra and FREE as a bird.
  • Beautycounter.  While chemo is no walk in the park, I swear it made my skin the best it has been in years. I wish I had a before cancer picture of my cabinets and products; post cancer, I threw out everything and completely changed my beauty regiment. I love make up and skin products but one thing I learned is how poor products are made. I will only use safe, natural products. I did lots of research and found several brands that are incredibly safe, and after going through this, I want to control what I can and beauty is an area I can take the reigns on. I started using Beautycounter during chemotherapy and loved it so much that I became a consultant for them (new job, new side job; I thrive in chaos!). Feel free to check them out (personal favorites are their Brilliant Brow Gel, the Countermatch line, and the Velvet Eyeshadow Classic Palette), ask me any questions, and here is the link to buy (zero pressure!!!!!):
  • Somethingnavy: I am sure you are all familiar with Somethingnavy, an incredibly famous, talented influencer. I was asked to write about my journey for their website (I am still seriously freaking out about this!) and it went live a few weeks ago. As you know, my goal is to help others, to influence woman to get checked and be proactive, and to be a resource. I am so thankful that she used her platform to build awareness. Check out my article here:
  • Cycle for Survival: I am officially a guest speaker at our Cycle for Survival Event on 3/9; that will be my first debut without a wig (outside of my house which I never wear anything unless we have company).  We have been riding for 5 years and I never thought I would be the one on stage. After all, I did everything right BUT life can take a crazy turn and am I glad to be on the other side and sharing my story. I have two minutes to speak about why I cycle, my journey, and how Sloan Kettering is involved in my life. ONLY TWO MINUTES? I can go on for hours about Sloan and how they not only saved my life but my moms BUT I got this. We will tape it and I will share next post; my slot is at Grand Central Equinox at 11am if you are around and feel like joining. So excited to ride with my team this year, and there is still plenty of time to donate!! Link below:
  • College Girls Weekend: I am so freakin lucky with how many QUALITY friends I have; I got to spend the weekend in the city at the Four Seasons FiDi (fancy!!!!) with two of my best friends from college, Elana and Leah. We had SO much to celebrate—marriage, babies, and health. We had spa appointments, sushi (love Nobu downtown), went to sleep early (so tame compared to our days in AEPHi!), and had brunch. It was perfect in everyway and just SO nice to hang, laugh, catch up like no time has passed, and to be together. We promised every year to do this at least once; next time in Philly!college


  • Upcoming Trips/Travel: 2019 is BUSY and I have yet to get on a plane since June 2018; lots of fun coming our way. First Miami in April with my BU ladies, then California with the fam to meet Pierce’s surgeon, then Portugal with the Oilmans (how we are pulling this off is still beyond me but AHHHHH!!!!!), then Woodloch Pines with the Stoller’s, then back to California for Pierce’s surgery in December. Any and all recommendations are WELCOME!!! Email me especially for Portugal as we are in the hard core planning phase; going to Lisbon, Porto (duh), and Lagos.


Now that I covered everything fabulous, there of course is still health related shenanigans I am dealing with.  I was beginning to get into my new normal groove and felt the best I have since September BUT I needed a reminder that I just had MASSIVE surgery.  I saw my surgeon last Friday (we hug because these doctors are officially my besties) and she let me know I was healing incredibly well and ahead of schedule; I got an internal and from there it went downhill.  The next day I had some discomfort and Sunday night I was healing over with stomach pain and a fever of 102.7.  I popped two Tylenol and the next morning my fever was still super high so I went to Mercy Hospital (affiliated with MSK).  Sure enough after hours of testing, CT scans, and more needles/blood work than I could imagine, it was determined that I had an infection.  My surgeon from MSK felt it was best I was under Sloan’s care so I took an ambulance from Mercy to MSK; I stayed for two nights, and three days.  The good news is my levels were tested again and outside of my WBC (infections make those rise!), everything was NORMAL; this was not related to my resistance (yay!) and was very likely a surgical complication.  THANK THE LORD!!!!!!! My nurse Kerry was an angel; I was an emotional mess and she was my therapist. Listen, I held it together for the most part from July-January BUT just when I was back to living my life healthfully and not sick (no more strep!), this happens and derails our February break plans (just so thrilled we got to take Riley to see Aladdin; she LOVED and actually sat through it!).  I am just happy to be back home with the nuggets, to have no more fever, and to be feeling REALLY good.  Fingers crossed this is the end of it (got 1.5 weeks until the recovery period from surgery is still here!).

HUGE Thanks to my parents and sister who did not leave my side and to Marc for playing mommy/daddy/supporting husband again and to Tara for visiting me; I needed you all so much and you were the exact support team to make me smile (and to wipe my tears since I was a hot mess).  Cheers to my friend Nicole who said “at least this will be good for the blog!”; touché my love!!

Next post will be after Cycle for Survival, and until then I will be eating sushi, keeping it tame, being the designated driver, enjoying time with my family and friends, watching lots of TV (currently binging YOU, Mrs. Maisel season 2, and Versace), laughing/smiling, and observing my hair growth. ROCK ON!!







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