My new normal is pure chaos and I am LOVING every minute of it.  It is so liberating to be back in the groove with a jam packed calendar and to only look forward.  Don’t get me wrong, I am reminded on the daily about what I experienced (and trust me I don’t want to forget it, after all it shaped me and made me unique) but everything just feels different in the best way possible.

I apologize for the delay in writing but I have had such little time to myself between work, the kids, Marc, friends, and family.  That feels SO good to say!

In the last month there has been so much excitement:

  • Cycle for Survival: Huge shout out to Mals who organized our team for the 5th year in a row; you rock as a team captain and I promise to help you next year (I know, I know, I say that every year BUT you really are just so much better than I am at this). I have not been on such a high in so long—getting up there and sharing my story cancer free (and NO WIG!) was everything.  Being able to spread awareness of BRCA, discuss my journey from start to finish, and look out into the crowd of survivors, current patients, doctors, family/friends, and new coworkers/old coworkers all hanging on to each and every one of my words was incredible.  I wish I could bottle up the emotions I felt that day and bring it everywhere with me. THE BEST ENERGY AND VIBES EVER.
  • Post Party of Cycle for Survival: Who doesn’t love a good Public House appearance?  I think my last time was definitely in my 20’s and I possibly fell down the stairs but celebrating our teams fundraising (over $30K!) and life was so fun.  Marc said it best in his speech but this marked the end of this chapter for us; it is time to have other topics of conversation and to allow our family to celebrate the small things of everyday life.
  • Meeting Sam: Camp friends are just so special; they know you so well and even though so much time could pass, it is just so natural when you see them. Allyson (Echo since 8th grade) introduced me MANY months ago to her best friend Sam who unfortunately was battling cancer as well.  Sam and I would always check in on each other but have yet to meet in person.  In the middle of March we FINALLY all met up at Cheesecake Factory and it was an instantaneous friendship.  I hate that cancer brought us together BUT feel so lucky you entered my life.  We are such rockstars and I feel honored to know you and to say we are survivors together!!!54197765_10102294606057887_1831253241879330816_n
  • New job: for me, working is a luxury and a passion of mine. I could not be happier with my decision and am already so in love with the product, the people, and the company.  The marketplace is so receptive and I cannot wait to see what is in store for me.
  • ENERGY:  I have it.  Yes I need my coffee (almond milk misto with a shot please) but that was always and I just feel like the energizer bunny again. So grateful!
  • Exercise: I was cleared to workout and boy does it feel good. I hate those 6 weeks you have to wait for clearance and I pray I never have to face that length of time again.  Loving my classes and being reunited with my Peloton (Emma Lovewell, love you!!!!!).
  • BOTOX: I AM BACKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never have I been so pumped to get injections in my face in my LIFE. BRING IT ON and it LOOKS SO GOOD I CANT HANDLE IT.  I know it is absurd to say this but I feel like ME again.  This combined with the broth and beautycounter is the recipe for success.
  • Girls Night: I love me a girls night and celebrating Nicole’s (my bone broth goddess) birthday at Hendrik’s was nothing short of amazing. This squad is the absolute best and every time we go out it is just better than the next.  YOUR MY DREAMGIRL (who was that guy!??!?!?!??!).  Cheers to many more magical evenings!  Love you girls!!

April is around the corner and it is going to be AWESOME.

  • Markeeeeeeee’s birthday is HERE. We are heading to Miami with friends of ours (Elana, Andrew, Traci, and Jon) and AM I REALLY GETTING ON A PLANE???????????? I cannot believe it is here and that my immune system is really so back that I can actually travel.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No more wigs.   I am a FREE woman.  I swore as of 4/1 I would rock whatever I got and I am going to do just that.  My kids told me quite some time ago to get rid of the wigs and to be comfortable but I just wasn’t there yet; it is time and Cycle for Survival prepped me for it.  The funny part is that I have replayed the script over and over about what to say to Riley and Pierce’s friends because they are kids and will ask; the truth is, kids adapt and they truly repeat what you tell them.  It is plain and simple, I got a hair cut and always wanted to rock a short look.  And GUESS WHAT – it is hair and it grows back!
  • One regret in life I have is not moving after college for a year to Cali.  It is the second best state outside of NY and I wish I experienced life out there for a bit.  We are taking the kids to San Diego and then LA (Pierce’s surgeon consultation); first real trip all together away from the chaos and I cannot wait to soak up every minute with my main crew.  If anyone has any recommendations, we welcome it.  Clearly planned ZERO (life in the red is living on the edge but we should probably have some plans outside of going to Tom Tom and Pump).  We all deserve it!!


I thought I would share my speech from Cycle for Survival as a final note to this uplifting blog post.  I am so proud of myself for getting up there, rocking the GI Jane look, and for celebrating months in this new world of mine.




Thank you so much for all the support, the love, and for being apart of this entire process for me.  I am forever changed and stronger because of it.





  1. So excited to read ur latest blog. Myself and so many others r soooo proud of u!!! Love the GI Jane look. U look AMAZING!!! I no
    How u felt when u decided to not wear the
    Wigs. FREEDOM!!!! Pls keep blogging. I look
    Forward to all the updates. B HEALTHY n
    HAPPY!!! Life is GREAT!!! Gale D.


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