I was at Soul Cycle a few weeks ago when the instructor Becca (used to teach our Verve location rides) said this mantra which I have repeatedly said to myself everyday since then.  It is particularly true and resonates on so many levels with my life and what is the new normal.  I am back in the Gab groove and thriving on my chaotic life (finally got ear buds which is so out of character but the best thing ever; no more tangled headphones).  I wouldn’t change a thing!  Everyday I thank my lucky stars how great it is to on the other side and to not take advantage of the small things (I constantly think about how many germs I am exposed to through the subways/commuting/work, and how I have yet to get sick!).

May was the BEST month for so many reasons that I am excited to share:

  • Woman’s Health Month: My old CRO invited me to speak on a panel for LuckyForks, a remarkable social responsibility service. I was surrounded by such strong women all who have such unique perspective on wellness and what it means; I got to speak in front of such a large, leaned in crowd on my experience and balancing wellness/life/clean beauty (YES BeautyCounter!).  I am still on such a high from that moment and cannot thank Chad enough for thinking of me!  I love that my new colleagues at Vistar came and supported me, and that I got to see all my old colleagues from Verve and Placed (my amazing bestie Sam came and Adam, the best BIL ever).  One thing that I learned is that I want to be on more panels in the future; public speaking is a challenge and I love that it pushes my boundaries.

  • Cinco de Mayo: Thank you Marc for letting me do my thing here! What started out as a small gathering last year (with a piñata filled with mini alcohol bottles) became quite the house party this year (rolled 65+ deep!).  It was seriously like a high school party and it felt like we were all waiting to be caught by parents BUT we were the parents.  Everyone came ready to have the best time, and I loved how all friendships merged; elementary school to high school to college to city to Merrick blended so well (that or the lime tequila jello shots were off the charts?!??!).  We have the best friends ever and that nice was by far the best of 2019 (tough choice though between that and Murder mystery?).  I said I was done hosting for the rest of 2019 but that’s just not true; many more fiestas at Casa de Wass.  Stay tuned!!
  • Wedding Season: Rent the Runway Unlimited is AMAZING especially when you have a ton of special occasions. Our cousins Eric/Catchy and Brittney/Andrew got married and our kids were in the wedding.  It was so nice to be with family celebrating life, feeling glamorous in these ridiculously beautiful gowns, and watching my professional flower girl/ring bearer go down the aisle.  They are just too delicious and I want to hold on to these moments forever!  Eric and Cathy at their cocktail hour had a Bongo player who was jamming out to Bob Marley; my life was made when Riley ran in and grabbed me and said they are singing “Three Little Birds MOM.  Let’s go”.  My whole family was outside singing “Don’t Worry about a Thing, Every Little Thing is going to be alright!”.  This was our theme song when I was sick and seeing my kids rock out to Bob Marley made my life complete.  Pierce is so proud to be named after him (middle name) and it is just so funny how your kids truly learn from you/embrace what you love.  My dad caught the moment on video and I had to share because its too damn special.
  • Portland: Portland, Maine is MAGICAL. What a CHILL city with such great food and energy.  We had the best MDW up there and I highly recommend going, exploring, and stumbling upon the deliciousness everywhere.  It was great to escape before summer truly began!
  • Mothers Day: This was a highly emotional day for me. Don’t get me wrong, I mostly am living life and on a high BUT I have my moments where I get super sad for what I experienced.  It is so weird to go back and picture how life was (that’s why I am so grateful I wrote about it because I don’t want to forget) just 6-12 months ago.  I am one of the lucky ones—I found this EARLY and I get to celebrate Mothers Day with my nuggets and my family.  I do not want to take that for granted.

June was been pretty incredible.  We had a wedding in the Hamptons, a great Fathers Day, been loving the beach, my kids finished school, and started Coleman.  The school factor is such a strange feeling— their first day of school I already knew I was sick, and there was such a road ahead with treatment, and the end of the year is time to reflect back.  So wild how time flies and how much has happened, and now I get to celebrate what I accomplished and just how different I am as a person.


Summer time is upon is and I am just taking each day at a time.  I am loving the weather but summer time 2018 is when I found out I had about the C word and I can’t help but associate it together.  I find myself doing self exams all the time, freaking myself out that something I am doing will bring it back, and then I find myself calming down and reminding myself I am doing the best I can and that I did everything right.  I know this will get easier over time but there is a part similar to PTSD.  In the meantime, I am just keeping myself distracted, busy, and appreciating every minute.  Life is just too good to harp on the past, and the only way is to look forward and to celebrate everyday.

I signed up for a Rugged Maniac race in September; my trainer is helping me prepare and getting me pumped for the challenges.  I am living my inner Challenge/MTV persona that I always wanted and cannot wait to give a shot (fingers crossed I finish!).  Watch out Johnny Bananas!  I am also starting to plan my 36th birthday bash (since 35 was stolen from me, we rock out the double chai with a YUGE fiesta).

Marc and I are off to Portugal this weeek with two of our besties who are also celebrating their 10 year anniversary.  Needless to say, this is a trip well deserved.  Any last minute pointers for Lisbon, Porto, and the beaches (we welcome them all!).

Cannot wait to rock the lighter hair (that’s a story for another day; bleach blond was not an option), my Rent the Runway dresses (best thing ever),and celebrate life/health/happiness.

Thanks for everyone the continued support; day by day and just keeping the positivity up!




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